Tip of the Week No.16 – Available Visual Studio Editions

Check our Tip of the Week, which this week discusses about the available Visual Studio editions and discuss about their main differences.

Tip of the Week #16

There are 3 Visual Studio editions. There are:

  • Community Edition (free)
    • In comparison with the other editions, the Community Edition of Visual Studio lacks some features, mainly about: Testing, Cross-Platform development and Debugging. Also, the Community Edition, can be used by non-enterprise organizations, for up to 5 users.
  • Professional Edition
    • The Professional Edition of Visual Studio, is similar to the Community Edition, with the main difference that it can be used in an Enterprise.
  • Enterprise Edition
    • This is the most complete edition of Visual Studio, where all features are available.


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SQLNetHub Tips of the Week No.16 - Available Visual Studio Editions


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