New Artemiou Data Tools Release: SQL Multi-Exporter

New Artemiou Data Tools Release: SQL Multi-Exporter

Today I released a brand new data tool via my “Artemiou Data Tools” initiative. The tool is called SQL Multi-Exporter.

SQL Multi-Exporter allows the user to connect to a SQL Server instance and by issuing a query against a database, to export the results to an XML, CSV or HTML file with a single click.

SQL Multi-Exporter (Community Edition) Main Screen

Currently, in the Community Edition of the tool, there are 3 available output export for the retrieved information:

  • Export to XML file.
  • Export to CSV file (multiple delimiters available).
  • Export to HTML.
Some more screenshots:
Figure 2: Connecting to a SQL Server Instance and Running a Query.

Figure 3: Preview the Retrieved Information and then Export.

For all the data-junkies out there, a Ultimate Edition of the tool is coming out soon with a richer set of features that will skyrocket your interaction with data!

For more information and the download link please visit the tool’s page.

Feel free to use the tool and provide your valuable feedback!

[Update 2016-12-06]: Artemiou Data Tools is now SQLArtBits! Visit the new website to check out all the cool SQL Server tools!

Artemakis Artemiou
Artemakis Artemiou is a Senior SQL Server Architect, Author, and a 9 Times Microsoft Data Platform MVP (2009-2018). He has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry in various roles. Artemakis is the founder of SQLNetHub and Artemakis is the creator of the well-known software tools Snippets Generator and DBA Security Advisor. Also, he is the author of many eBooks on SQL Server. Artemakis currently serves as the President of the Cyprus .NET User Group (CDNUG) and the International .NET Association Country Leader for Cyprus (INETA). Artemakis's official website can be found at