Celebrating 250.000 Visits!

Today, my blog has reached the 250.000 visits. That’s 1/4 of a million! 🙂

I started this blog four years ago with a simple purpose: Share knowledge with the Community. Be a part of the Community.

Four years later I must say that I have received more than what I gave. The interaction with you, the Technical Community, offered me so much! It is a unique experience that not only makes you a better professional, but also a better person. You see beyond your own perspective, you see many different approaches to technical challenges as well as to possible solutions! You learn to share, you learn to help but you also learn to thank!

Since 2009, I am a Microsoft SQL Server MVP. Among many things, the MVP award offers me an even deeper involvement with the Community as well as direct interaction with the SQL Server Product Teams at Microsoft. You know, there is so many bright people out there and so much knowledge to be exchanged! Keep it up guys!

I have been working with SQL Server for more than ten years and every single day I learn something new, every time with the same excitement. This could not be done to this extent without the interaction with all of you guys and thank you for that.

Technical Communities all around the globe is the lung of the Technology and true knowledge lies within them.

It is an honor to be a part of all this.

Thank you for supporting me! Join me celebrating the 250.000 visits on my blog!

Within the context of the celebrations the following will take place in the coming days:

1. A “creative” surprise 😉
2. Webcast on SQL Server 2012 focusing on the Database Engine Features
3. Free SQL Server-related tools I developed and published on CodePlex
4. Questions and Answers on SQL Server Topics
5. A guestbook in case you like to leave wishes and comments! (Already here! Here’s the link)

Thank you again for your support!

My promise is that the Journey Continues!