Featured Software Tools

In-Memory OLTP Simulator by SQLArtBits
In-Memory OLTP Simulator enables you to easily test and benchmark the powerful In-Memory OLTP Engine of SQL Server® (2014 or later) with different simulations/benchmarks and against different workloads. In the Ultimate Edition of the tool, among other, you can load data from different sources (i.e. from Production DBMS instances using Linked Servers) into the Simulator’s database and simulate real-life scenarios with the use of custom scenarios as well as get in-depth analytics on performance when utilizing Memory-Optimized Tables and Natively-Compiled Stored Procedures in SQL Server®. Furthermore, with "Benchmark Mode" which is available in all editions, you can run three basic benchmarks (update, insert and aggregation) using different parameters.

DBA Security Advisor by SQLArtBits
DBA Security Advisor is a powerful security tool which assesses SQL Server instances against a rich set of security checks and detects potential security risks. Furthermore, in the Enterprise Edition, you get recommendations as well as remediation methods and scripts for the detected security risks. There is also a history mechanism which allows you to see the progress of your SQL Server instances security. Secure SQL Server instances today and protect your data more efficiently.