Friday, March 31, 2017

Sneak Peek of SQLArtBits DBA Security Advisor v2.0

On April 5 2017, SQLArtBits releases DBA Security Advisor v2.0.

This article gives a sneak peek of the upcoming new release of DBA Security Advisor v2.0.

DBA Security Advisor is a powerful tool developed by SQLArtBits that allows Database Administrators (DBAs) to run comprehensive security assessments against multiple SQL Server instances, using a rich set of security risks.

Along with the generated reports, DBA Security Advisor provides recommendations for the detected security risks, as well as remediation T-SQL scripts. The recommendation engine of DBA Security Advisor is very powerful as it provides comprehensive explanations for the detected security risks, as well as references to official SQL Server documentation.

Besides its use as a SQL Server security auditing tool, DBA Security Advisor can be also used as a SQL Server administration tool. With DBA Security Advisor you can check things like the service pack level, latest database backup times, service accounts, and much more for all the connected SQL Server instances. This can help the DBAs, especially in enterprise environments, to monitor and administer multiple SQL Server instances much easier.

What's new in DBA Security Advisor v2.0:

  • New, more user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Security check enhancements
  • Improved performance
  • Bug fixes

Just for the launch date (April 5, 2017), SQLArtBits gives a 20% discount for the Enterprise Edition of DBA Security Advisor v2.0 using the coupon code DBASECADVISORV2.

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Easily secure your SQL Server instances! Try out DBA Security Advisor!
DBA Security Advisor for SQL Server by SQLArtBits
DBA Security Advisor was developed by SQLArtBits. The tool was being carefully developed for an entire year and it contains comprehensive security checks and recommendations based on proven SQL Server security best practices. Feel free to download and use the Community Edition which is free and if you find it useful, you can consider upgrading to the Enterprise Edition!

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