Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Upcoming eBooks on SQL Server

I love technology.

I love exploring.

I love writing about it and share knowledge.

I started working with SQL Server and .NET (C#) more than ten years ago. Since then it has been quite a journey! Each release came - and still comes - with exciting new features enabling us to do more and more! Every time waiting for that new built, in order to start testing it, exploring it, learning it, as soon as it becomes available. The possibilities are endless! The limit is your creativity!

The massive interaction with the SQL Server community started at about seven years ago. Blogging, organizing user group events, speaking in user group meetings, conferences and other events, open-source projects related to SQL Server, guest articles, discussions on message boards/forums, and much more!

The love for technical writing and knowledge sharing urged me for adding another activity to my interaction with the community, that is book authoring. In order to be able to write, you first need to acquire and comprehend the specific technical knowledge. You need to explore, to experiment, to test. You need to test the limits of each new technology or feature in order to be able to fully understand its nature and capabilities.

SQL Server is a powerful data platform that includes several data management and analysis technologies that allow you to do just about anything. Since 2002 I have been exploring SQL Server in many areas. I have been deep diving into various topics of SQL server having to do mainly with: administration, development/data access and performance tuning. These are the three areas of SQL Server I like the most and on which I base my interaction with SQL Server and acquisition of knowledge. To this end, I have decided to publish three eBooks on the three above mentioned areas of SQL Server.

The content of the eBooks will be mainly based on articles that I have already written on my blog. It will be actually a collection of selected articles I have already published, edited and enriched with additional fresh content.

You can find below the scheduled publishing dates along with the eBook topics:

October 1, 2013
Topic: Tuning SQL Server

December 2, 2013
Topic: Administering SQL Server

November 4, 2015
Topic: Developing SQL Server

The eBooks will be published on different online locations like: my blog, my website as well as in other channels (TBA) and of course they will be totally free.

Check out my latest eBooks on SQL Server:
Administering SQL Server - Ebook Tuning SQL Server - Ebook

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Artemakis Artemiou [MVP]

Author & Editor

Artemakis Artemiou is a Senior SQL Server Architect, Software Developer and Microsoft Data Platform MVP. He is also an author, regular blogger, president of Cyprus.NET User Group and CY Country leader of INETA-EU. He is also the creator of DBA Security Advisor and In-Memory OLTP Simulator. Artemakis is a frequent guest author of worldwide well-respected online journals where he writes articles focusing on many SQL Server topics.

Reference: The SQL Server and .NET Hub (http://www.sqlnethub.com)


bimentalist.com said...

Nice update ! Waiting for your book !

Artemakis Artemiou [MVP] said...

Thank you for your kind words! My book has been published and you can find it at: http://sqlbooks.aartemiou.com/books/tuning/