Monday, October 10, 2011

Retrieving Only the Date from a Datetime Value in SQL Server

There are many times where you might need to only retrieve the date from a datetime value.

For example, you may have today's datetime (2011-10-10 20:30:28.230) and you want to only get the following value: 2011-10-10.

In SQL Server 2008 or later, you can easily do this by casting/converting the datetime value to the datatype DATE.

A typical example is the following:

--Datetime variable declaration
DECLARE @dateTimeValue as datetime
SET @dateTimeValue=GETDATE()

--Cast the datetime value to the DATE datatype
SELECT CAST(@dateTimeValue as DATE) as OnlyDate

However, in earlier versions of SQL Server the DATE type is not available.
So, if you have a SQL Server 2005 instance or earlier and you want to get the date value from a datetime value you can just create and use a simple scalar-valued function like the following:

-- Create scalar-valued function -
@dateInput datetime
RETURNS varchar (10)

declare @tempRes as varchar(10)
declare @tempYear as varchar(4)
declare @tempMonth as varchar(2)
declare @tempDay as varchar(2)

set @tempYear=(select cast ((datepart(yyyy,@dateInput)) as varchar(4)))
set @tempMonth=(select cast ((datepart(MM,@dateInput)) as varchar(4)))
set @tempDay=(select cast ((datepart(dd,@dateInput)) as varchar(4)))

set @tempRes=@tempYear+'-'+@tempMonth+'-'+@tempDay

RETURN @tempRes


Now that the function is created, the first example changes to:

--Datetime variable declaration
DECLARE @dateTimeValue as datetime
SET @dateTimeValue=GETDATE()

--Get only the date value by calling the scalar-valued function
SELECT dbo.dateOnly(@dateTimeValue) as OnlyDate

.... and that's it! :)

I hope you found the article useful!

Until next time!

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