Friday, January 7, 2011

Webcast: Introducing SQL Server "Denali" (CTP1)

Hello and Happy New Year 2011! Wishing all the best, always in good health!

Microsoft has recently released CTP1 of SQL Server 2011 codenamed "Denali".

This new version of SQL Server Server introduces many new features that increase productivity and reduce the development and administration effort.

One of my main observations is that there is a convergence of technologies. For example, SSMS is now powered by Visual Studio and that means a lot!

A solid example is the fact that the debugging functionality in SSMS was significantly enhanced with the introduction of breakpoint conditions, hit counts and many more! Debugging now seems even more similar to the Debugging functionality of Visual Studio. Another example are the T-SQL code snippets.

By having a glimpse on these features, the following major enhancements can be listed:

  • Advanced debugging of T-SQL scripts with: breakpoint conditions,hit counts,filter limits, actions and editing of breakpoint locations.
  • The Watch window and Quick Watch support watching T-SQL Expressions.
  • Breakpoint validation.
  • T-SQL code snippets.
  • Contained Databases.
  • Metadata Discovery.
  • WITH RESULT SETS argument.
  • Ad-hoc Query Paging Implementation.
  • Sequence Objects.
  • New Permissions.
  • New Role Management: You can now created user-defined server roles.
  • New Hashing Algorithms.
  • Object Impact and Data Lineage Analysis.
  • ... and much more!

However, as this is my first blog post for 2011, I decided to publish something even more exciting instead of an article. So I thought to myself: "Why not recording a Webcast for SQL Server Denali?" And so I did! :)

In this Webcast I am introducing the major new features shipped with SQL Server "Denali". Along with the presentation I am performing live demos presenting some of these features in action!

OK, enough talking! Here's the Webcast:

Well, I hope you enjoyed the Webcast as I enjoyed creating it! :)

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Artemakis Artemiou [MVP]

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Artemakis Artemiou is a Senior SQL Server Architect, Software Developer and Microsoft Data Platform MVP. He is also an author, regular blogger, president of Cyprus.NET User Group and CY Country leader of INETA-EU. He is also the creator of DBA Security Advisor and In-Memory OLTP Simulator. Artemakis is a frequent guest author of worldwide well-respected online journals where he writes articles focusing on many SQL Server topics.

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Sudhir DBAKings said...

Nice post very helpful

Artemakis Artemiou [MVP] said...

Many thanks!

You can visit a newer webcast I did regarding the SQL Server 2012 Database Engine here!